Why Creative Cloud Subscription Software is Here to Stay

It’s been more than six months since Adobe announced that it was going to a subscription-only business model for its Creative Suite applications while rebranding them under the Creative Cloud name. Today, there’s still a very vocal group of people blasting Adobe for that decision. I’ve had a few debates (okay, more than a few) …

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Adobe’s Creative Cloud: Perception vs Reality

Let me start out by saying that I intentionally waited a few days before writing this post. There’s an awful lot of people typing with emotion instead of thought and I didn’t want to get too caught up in that. I’ve done a lot of reading and admittedly a little head scratching because of it. …

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Adobe Bridge Smart Collections Ease File Management for Digital Publishing Suite Projects

Managing multiple InDesign files for Digital Publishing Suite projects can become tedious after a while. Adobe Bridge Smart Collections makes it a snap.